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Feel the calming wisdom that comes from having your every bit of data organized in a coherent
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5 March 2007

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Information mangers and note taking tools have since their advent helped the users in keeping information stored up neatly and at one place without any hassles. Computer enabled applications and programs have eased out manual efforts in a variety of ways that has enabled users to manage their professional tasks and personal chores in a user friendly manner. Such applications are in great demand owing to the multitude features they offer to the users for information management and organizing varied tasks. There can be times, when different tasks and usages require navigation of different programs; which is not feasible as it would not serve the purpose of saving time and effort. WinOrganizer 4.0 can be efficiently used in such cases as they assist in saving information and details in a user friendly manner.

WinOrganizer opens with a neatly organized and intuitive looking interface with the main options placed at the top panel and the left pane displaying the folders created for storing information and files and the main screen showing the contents of the files stored. The program can easily store up passwords and tasks and keep you updated over any upcoming event that you have inserted or simply a household chore. The interface is designed like tree view style and contains features like filters and dialing capabilities along with supporting the default browser/e-mail client with a printing facility. The multilingual interface of the program makes it further flexible and easy to use and can be useful to any kind of users for any kind of use.

To sum up, WinOrganizer 4.0 works quite easily with vast information files and documents; however strong negative feedback over this program by a user has lowered its chances of scoring high and it gets a rating of three points only.

Publisher's description

Need a reliable personal information manager to organize your hectic schedule? Use the power of WinOrganizer to help you manage information effectively! WinOrganizer allows you to track, plan, and keep all your information at your fingertips. It also allows you to manage notes, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, contacts, and passwords. WinOrganizer features a treeview-style interface. WinOrganizer also includes features such as filters, dialing capabilities, and support for your default browser/e-mail client. WinOrganizer supports multiple languages. Currently, 29 language files (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.) are available. Wherever you are, whatever language you speak, WinOrganizer is your best bet on the ever lasting race called Life! We are organizing the world one person at a time. Get WinOrganizer and be the next one.
Version 4.0
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User comments

Chris P
I loved this application until I had a hard disk error. The licence you purchase is only valid for the version you buy it for, so when they release a new version you need to pay to upgrade. Fine, but the company do not allow you to download previous versions of the software. The result is that despite taking weekly backups of my data for years, the company won`t let me download the software I paid for to open the file so I have lost the lot. To me, a PIM that doesn`t support backups (or more cynically, tries to blackmail you into buying upgrades) is not worth having.
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